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Camelot's The Duke

picture of dog
Registered Name: Camelot's The Duke
Sire: Kubar's Golden Bud
Dam: Camelot's Blaze Maxine
Call Name:
Sex: male
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Land of Birth: USA
Land of Standing: USA
Weight: 49.9 kg (110.01 pound)
Colour: Red
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
Abel's Beast T Boy
Alzate's Red Fear
Bennett's Tomboy Tojsha
Burgo's Tequila
Camelot Pits' Chief Dna-P
Camelot's Daisy Duke
Camelot's Meechee
Camelot's Rajun Cajun
Camelot's Red Cricket
Castle King's Little Duke
Castle King's Queen
Castle King's Rocky
Castle King's Tonka Dna-P
Downsouth's Dillinger Dna-P
Downsouth's Ruca
Harper's Rudy Ray
Ko Monstersquad's Wild Tundra
Krueger's Red Duke
Lady Red Jessie
Landbeast'Es Mac Truck
Landshark's Big Mac Attack
Macedo's/Red Legends Tank
Mgk's Chick
Mgk's Ginger
Mgk's Luca-Brazzi
Mgk's Miss Valentina
Monster Squad's Mightee Thora
Pacheco's Vampiro
Peterson's Morticia
Player's Cinnamon
Rad's Bronx
Ravenous' De La Cruz Gangster Dna-P
Red Hot's Camaflauge
Santos' Mighty Judge
Santos' Red Lady
Santos' Red Pantera
Santos' The Red Demon Dna-P
Santos' The Red Mighty Ghost Dna-P
Texas Diamond's Ginger
Tnt's Stalker's Bam-Bam
Trujillo's Red Hot Luke
Trujillo's Sonja
Untouchabull Pits' Red Sage
Johnson's Hershey Kiss
Mazine's Brandy
Mc Clure's Hawk
Peterson's Sherman Tank
Reyes' Tasha
Rodriguez' Kubar's Golden Bud Ii
T-N-T's Golden Little Girl
Watson's Loveshack

Camelot's The Duke

Kubar's Golden Bud
Bryant's KubarBushee's Rebel
Bushee's Candy
Ruth's Golden GirlHernandez' Buster Bandido
David's Golden Dutchess

Camelot's Blaze Maxine

Poole's Max

Kubar's Golden Bud
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