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name sex sire dam colour birth year
Atila Kennel's Dendy (7Xw) male Atila Kennel's Clay (1Xw-1Xl) RomBohacek's Tara Fawn 1995
Batida De Coco That's The Point female Milwaukee De Ngorong-NgorongPandora De Ngorong-Ngorong Red and White 2002
Bohacek's Tara female Radonjic's JimR R's Red Tina 1995
Cool Wild Kennel Red Lady female Milwaukee De Ngorong-NgorongMlader's Cool Kiowa Red and White
Cool Wild Kennel Wadi female Flamewood's Rainbow Dragon TTMlader's Cool Kiowa
Cool Wind Kennel Tara female Dr. Hakenbush's Bon Jovi JohnCool Wild Kennel Red Lady Black and White 2002
Dr. Hakenbush's Bon Jovi John male Mlader's Mad MaxDr. Hakenbush's Calamity Ann Black and White 1999
Dr. Hakenbush's Calamity Ann female Woodforest Ez Chances 'R'River Run's Calamity Jane Black and White
Flamewood's Raging Thunder male Woodforest Ez Chances 'R'Woodforest Ez Dragon's Flame Red and White
Flamewood's Rainbow Dragon TT male Woodforest Ez Chances 'R'Woodforest Ez Dragon's Flame Red and White
Indi In Diva Sting female Milwaukee De Ngorong-NgorongCool Wild Kennel Wadi
Mlader's Cool Kiowa female Ori (Sans Affixe)Astra-Alma Red and White
Mlader's Jolly Joker male Rainbo Geronimo Mlader'sRiver Run's Calamity Jane Fawn
Mlader's Mad Max male Mlader's Jolly JokerCindy Yellow Fire Red and White
Pink Floyd Alet male Hagele's KamikazeConchita De Mandraka Brindle
Reason's Blue Spirit male Cruisin' Just A GigoloSunbolt Blue Velvet Blue brindle and White
Ringmaster Cover Girl female Franstal's Guverner Of RuffianSchaller's Pecan's Toad-Spit Fawn and White 2000