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name sex sire dam colour birth year
Adonis (Sans Affixe) male Louise-Cite Black Brindle and White 1970
Another-Motif female Adonis (Sans Affixe)Tommyville Thistle Motif Black Brindle 1977
Anouil (Sans Affixe) male Black Brindle 1965
Aya's Pierrot male Birmand Petit Baron 1951
Baby (Sans Affixe) female 1953
Bellizzima (Sans Affixe) female Likorizia (Sans Affixe) Black Brindle 1962
Bernebo Pierre male Junibacken's Yoga Black Brindle 1965
Bernebo Svarta Malin female Black Brindle 1959
Bijou (Sans Affixe) female Ninette (Sans Affixe) 1954
Boslatten's Coquette female Boslatten's Finesse Black Brindle 1970
Boslatten's Finesse female Kungshaga's Katinka Black Brindle 1966
Boslatten's Larissa female Boslatten's PepinoBoslatten's Coquette 1973
Boslatten's Pepino male Kungshaga's Katinka Black Brindle 1967
Brommaf?ltet's Peter Niclas male Black Brindle 1961
Bullcronan's Noble male Tommyville ThurberBullcronan's Poppis Black Brindle 1978
Bullcronan's Peppe male Black Brindle 1965
Bullcronan's Poppis female Bullcronan's PeppeBoslatten's Larissa Black Brindle 1975
Cajsas Julie female
Camilla (Sans Affixe) female Black Brindle 1963
Cello (Sans Affixe) male Birmand Petit BaronBaby (Sans Affixe) Black Brindle 1953
De'Guster Fleure female Adonis (Sans Affixe)Filifjonka (Sans Affixe) 1972
De'Guster Happy male Paling CorinthianDe'Guster Fleure White 1973
Devolution's Crazy Tyson male Chico V. EisplatzSchaller's Baccara Brindle 1993
Fawn Charlotte female Bernebo PierreJaqouet's Belle-Lollo Fawn 1968
Filifjonka (Sans Affixe) female Sebastian (Sans Affixe)Mastoc (Sans Affixe) Black Brindle 1970
Intarsia Kunigunda female Bullcronan's NobleAnother-Motif Black Brindle 1979
Intarsia Tabou male Tommyville TankerIntarsia Kunigunda Black Brindle 1981
Jaqouet's Belle-Lollo female Lucki Von MerlischachenJaqouet's Julie 1963
Jaqouet's Jolie-Louise female Lucki Von MerlischachenJaqouet's Julie Black Brindle 1963
Jaqouet's Julie female 1962
Junibacken's Tjeroscha female Bernebo Svarta Malin Black Brindle 1962
Junibacken's Yoga female Bernebo Svarta Malin Black Brindle 1962
Katinka (Sans Affixe) female Ricardo Of QuattBellizzima (Sans Affixe) 1963
Kungshaga's Katinka female Ricardo Of QuattKungshaga's Madame Black Brindle 1963
Kungshaga's Madame female Larissa Av Willehard 1961
Larissa Av Willehard female 1959
Likorizia (Sans Affixe) female Cajsas Julie Black Brindle 1960
Liliencron's Zenith male Champus Von SpalowilEllora Von Spalowil 1957
Louise-Cite female Jaqouet's Jolie-Louise Black Brindle 1966
Madame Muffi female Molly (Lindberg) Black Brindle 1967
Margoni's Lollo female Camilla (Sans Affixe) 1967
Mastoc (Sans Affixe) female Katinka (Sans Affixe) Black Brindle 1967
Molly (Lindberg) female Black Brindle 1966
Ninette (Sans Affixe) female 1953
Pierre (Sw) male Cello (Sans Affixe)Bijou (Sans Affixe) Black Brindle 1955
Prudence Mallat male Liliencron's Zenith Black Brindle 1961
Sebastian (Sans Affixe) male Anouil (Sans Affixe) Black Brindle 1967
Trudel Av Brogyllen female 1948